Gamma-ray Burst

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We’re not always the recipient of all the data that comes in. Some events are recorded by other entities and we’re just as happy to read those updates as well as the ones we’ve been receiving.

The artist's impression shows the explosion, which is the brightest seen to date Courtesy of BBC News

Gamma-ray bursts are not unusual to astronomers, but this one is huge. What’s especially mind-blowing is that its a lot of mass moving altogether and we’re just now seeing it. We all know the universe is big, but I’m still in awe of all the new things we learn.

We wish NASA would stop ignoring us. We’ve been following all the protocols, we just want to speak with them. There’s a lot of data we want to show them, so much more than just the photos we’re showing you. Even Gerald, usually patient and slow-to-anger, is becoming more aggravated with “their haughty eyes.”

Gamma-ray Burst Brightest Ever Seen | Scientist Witness Massive Gamma-ray Burst